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SamLib Reader LIKE

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The new version of the well-known program.It is well known that is a huge website where a lot of novice, as well as popular, writers post their works. It is a community connecting authors and readers. Quite a number of presently well-known authors started their path to popularity there. Updates to popular and well-liked texts (novels) are being posted daily. Unfortunately will not notify a reader about updates to their favorite novels, or about new books from the author. Also the website lacks a user friendly reading interface. A large number of readers copy the text to their preferred text editor, format it so it can be comfortably read on their devices of choice. Other readers are just waiting for the book to be available in epub, fb2 or some other format.
SamLib Reader LIKE application allows you to track the updates to the novels of your choice and also provides a much more comfortable way of reading their contents. It has an easy and intuitive interface. It will take you no time to get used to it.